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Anniversary Rating Date

The Anniversary Rating Date rule was eliminated in Indiana, and most NCCI states, effective May 1, 2017.  

The Anniversary Rating Date (ARD) rule as we know was eliminated effective May 1, 2017 in Indiana and most other states.  With the elimination of the rule, the policy effective date determines the application of rules, classifications and rates.  The rules relating to the establishment of an employer’s Rating Effective Date for Experience Rating will not change.
 So let’s say we have a policy effective  10/1/17 to 10/1/18, with a 10/1/17 Experience Rating Modification (EMR).  On July 1, 2018 that policy is cancelled and rewritten to be effective 7/1/18 to 7/1/19.  Prior to this change (the elimination of the ARD) that policy would use the 2017 rates until 10/1/18 and then amend the rates mid-term to the 2018 values on 10/1/18.  With the elimination of the ARD, the 2018 rates will apply to the entire 12 month term 7/1/18 to 7/1/19.  However, their  EMR will change on 10/1/18 and apply until a new EMR is issued to be effective on 7/1/19.
For details see Circular CIF-2015-25.


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