M Classifications

Explanation of "M" classes which previously were "A" rated, but now have a rate.

The 1/1/01 rate filing contained several class codes followed with the suffix "M" which had no rates, but rather had the letter "a" displayed (example, code 8805). For the 1/1/02 rate filing, these codes had a rate, and of course the minimum premium was higher.

Item Filing B-1366 "Revisions to Admiralty and Federal Employers' Liability Act Classifications" eliminated some of the FELA "A" rated codes. The first rate filing to show the rates would be the 1/1/02 filing. Prior to that, the codes would be shown with an "a" and the rate page footnote directs users to contact NCCI and ICRB in Indiana. We would calculate a rate based on a long-standing formula. That formula is found in the CompClues document titled "FELA (Railroad) 'A' Rates."

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