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Payroll: Inclusions & Exclusions

Review of Basic Manual Rule 2.B. regarding what items are included and excluded to determine payroll for workers compensation insurance.

Refer to the Basic Manual Rule 2-B Payroll inclusions and exclusions, pages R12-R13 for lists of items.
Remuneration need not be in the form of money for a worker to be considered an employee.  The Indiana WC statute defines an employee as follows:
"Employee means every person, including a minor, in the service of another, under any contract of hire or apprenticeship, written or implied…”
And, “workers compensation payroll” includes:
“The rental value of an apartment or house provided to an employee based on comparable accommodations.”

Regarding Stock Option Plans, the New York rules further specify that when stock options are exercised, the income is not included for remuneration purposes. Source: NYCIRB Bulleting R.C. 2363, dated 03/19/14.





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