Search Tips

Tips on performing searches in this database.;

Suppose you were looking for any document written by Cooper that contained a reference to code 7380 and restaurants. You could search the database by typing the search options (displayed in blue text) shown below:

restaurant - This is a poor choice. You will get a large list of documents which will result in much reading to locate your topic.

restaurant & cooper & 7380 - This is an excellent choice. It will produce a list of documents that must contain at least one occurrence of each word. Note the use of the & (ampersand) which links words for search.

restau* & coop* & 7380 - This choice is for the adventurous who don't like to type. The * after "restau" tells the computer to consider "restau" and any combination of letters that follow "restau" to be a valid word for search purposes. This may be OK for restaurants as "restau" is a distinctive group of letters. But for "coop," in addition to finding "Cooper," the computer will consider the words coop, cooperate, cooperation, cooperage, etc. as valid words possibly providing you with more than you really wanted.

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