Disease Loading

Discussion on the Basic Manual Disease Loading rule with special attention to Indiana limestone.

The 2001 Basic Manual Rule 3.A.7., Page R26 addresses Disease Loading. Some class codes have disease loadings built into the rate. For other codes, the rule gives the carrier authority to add a supplemental disease loading. The rule allows an exception (removing the loading) for silicosis, which applies to Indiana limestone.
Indiana Limestone Silica Content
The 2001 Basic Manual Rule 3.A.7.a.(3) provides that "For silicosis, the specific disease loading may be removed when not more than 5% free silica is present."

The chemical analysis on file since 1982 at the ICRB (provided by the Indiana Limestone Institute of America) for Indiana limestone shows only a 0.69% silica content for buff limestone and a 0.80% silica content for gray limestone. Both percentages are well below the rule threshold of 5% content, so it is appropriate to remove the disease loading for Indiana limestone quarries.

The disease loading amount is located in the state rate pages footnotes.

For more information on Indiana limestone, here's a link to the website for the Indiana Limestone Institute of America, Inc.

Nice to Know
The total for occupational disease claims represent less than 1% of total benefit costs (based on data as of March 2013).

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