Reference Sources

As we research questions and issues about workers compensation, we have found these references helpful.

Published October 2006; price: $95 plus shipping and handling

no charge - on website

Lexis Publishing; 800.562.1197
Indiana Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
(2006) no charge - on website
Indiana Department of Labor Research and Statistics Division

2009 edition, June 2009; non-member price: $68 plus shipping and handling; U.S. Chamber of Commerce; 800.638.6582

Workers' Compensation Laws
as of January 2014, published April 2014; non-member price: $79; Workers Compensation Research Institute

Cornell Law Library website
For information on, and links to federal and state constitutions, statutes, codes, and bills.

State/Line Reports, Property/Casualty 20xx Edition 
Best Database Services, A.M. Best Company; 908-439-2200

Annual Statistical Bulletin
2013 Edition, price: $360 to $685, based on affiliation status
NCCI; 800-NCCI-123

Residual Market Management Summary
no charge - on NCCI website

Profitability by Line by State
price: $275
NAIC; 816.374.7259

Workers First Watch
quarterly membership magazine

Workers' Compensation: Benefits, Coverage, and Costs, 20xx
no charge - on website


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