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Class Code Changes and Additions

Listing of new class codes and class updates introduced in recent years.;

Please open the attached spreadsheet titled "Filings List" to view two worksheets:
  • New Codes - a listing of new codes since 1996
  • Class Code Changes - a listing of class code changes since 2006

Article on Class Changes
Multiple changes occurred in Indiana for 2006. For a narrative summary, please read the article titled "Workers Compensation Classification Changes" by Duane Schroeder featured in the Big I
Focus Magazine in early 2006.

Countrywide Information
1. Also check out NCCI Circular FYI-CW-2010-02  “Countrywide–National Classification Items and Impacted Industries.” This circular contains a listing of national classification items filed for regulatory approval from 2004 to present and the industries impacted by each item. For weekly updates, refer to the NCCI circualars titled "Status of Item Filings" for state specific details regarding effective dates and changes.
2. NCCI Circular FYI-CW-2010-07 “Countrywide–National Classification Item Filings in 2011.” 

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